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Fresh Fruit Pavlova

It’s been about a year since I made Pavlova and as hard as I try I still can’t remember which recipe I used. I found 2 recipes I wanted to make when my sister asked me to make 1 or … Continue reading

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No Churn Strawberry Cream Cheese Ice Cream

I discovered some boxes of cream cheese that I had forgotten in the back of my fridge and they were about to expire. I know my daughter loves cream cheese ice cream so I decided that that was what I … Continue reading

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Lemon Cheese Strawberry Jelly Cake

My BIRTHDAY cake! On my birthday this year, I made a layer cake, which for the first time ever, included jelly. It was a Lemon cake with a cream cheese lemon icing and mixed berry jelly with whole strawberries inside. This … Continue reading

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No-churn Cheesecake Ice Cream

Ok I’m sold!! I will officially begin making no-churn ice cream more often. Of course I knew it was possible and that it tasted great but making it myself was just one of those mental blocks I’ve had. The recipe … Continue reading

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Torte Egyptian – in other words Hazelnut, Caramel and Cream Layer Cake

I found this recipe (once again) on Pinterest…what a joy! I had just enough hazelnuts for it, which is what helped me determine whether I was going to make it or not. We all (parents, kids, grandma and great grandma) … Continue reading

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Sweet and Simple Vanilla Pudding

I know this is a simple recipe and I haven’t posted in a while but it couldn’t be helped. Studying uses any where from 8 to 11 hours of my time 5 days a week and another 8 on the … Continue reading

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Raspberry and Cream Chocolate Layer Cake

This cake is light, fluffy and fresh with a great combination of chocolate, cream and fruit…who could resist that?! Not me. That’s for sure! This is actually a recipe for a Black Forest Cake but since I couldn’t get cherries … Continue reading

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Cream filled Strawberries

This is a lovely fresh treat – great for summer. Strawberries and cream with a twist becomes Cream filled Strawberries. I found this recipe in Joy of Baking and had to try it. It is perfect for a summer snack, “pick up … Continue reading

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Chocolate Raspberry Sponge Roll

This Chocolate Sponge Cake Roll recipe is a definite keeper. It is amazingly light and incredibly fluffy – we could have eaten much more of it. We were 10 people and it was no where near enough. The next time I make it for a … Continue reading

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